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It’s been a year with Krista and Tracey and I am thrilled with everything. I have changed physically and mentally. Feeling the best I have ever really ! They are supportive and positive and so much more. Now with Jess on board too ,just more to love about it all !

Yvonne Steer

Testimonials: Testimonials

Terrin Drewit 

It’s the first gym I’ve actually enjoyed going to and feel welcome at! Love my #gymfam


Elizabeth Erskit 

This is a wonderful environment where people of all abilities come to workout. I have never been more supported in any fitness goal I make. Personal training is amazing. They work you hard and progress you but never ask for more than you can give. They have supported me through injuries as well. I cant say enough good things.


Shawn Devree 

Y’all have to know I love this place, and the women who own and go there!


Jamie Kincaid 

Absolutely amazing place to go! I cannot say enough good things about the trainers, the environment and the work out .. I ve never looked so forward to working out! highly recommend WTF!


Sarah Baughman 

A place that warmly welcomes and enthusiastically supports ALL  women, no matter your ftness level.  Can't say enough about how much stronger I feel since starting a few months ago.  Lots of laughing. Feels like family.


Terri Million 

I’ve been going for almost 3 weeks. I’m seeing a physical difference but more than that I’m feeling a difference in my strength and being able to complete the workouts. It’s fun, it’s an incredible full body workout and the hour goes by before you know it BUT boy do ya feel it!! The feeling of accomplishment is AWESOME!! Plus the support is amazing!! It’s not stuffy or judgy and there are women there that are at all different levels of fitness. I highly recommend WTF and the amazing coaches ♥️

Testimonials: Testimonials


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